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"White Christmas - A Festive Retro Holiday Hit for the 5th Avenue
the title classic and more, are staged to a loving fare-thee-well by co-directors Jamie Rocco and David Armstrong, and performed by an imminently well chosen cast of Seattle and New York Spectacular staging, a tribute to unself-conscious and innocently exuberant mid-20th century show biz."
Seattle Post Intelligencer
"Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me" and "How Deep is the Ocean," which features Rocco's choreographic coup de grace in which Ashford, singing in a swanky Manhattan nightspot, is encircled by a quartet of male dancers in a moment of sheer movie musical camp nostalgia that has to be seen to be believed."
David-Edward Hughes Talkin' Broadway.com
White Christmas

White Christmas
director / choreographer
White Christmas